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Do you need plumbing service or repair? Call Plumber Duncanville, The Best Plumber for all your plumbing service and repair needs.

Some of our plumbing services - Toilet repair, slab leaks, sewer repairs, stoppages, commode repairs, faucet repair, garbage disposal repair, shower repair, drain and sewer cleaning, sump pump repair, water heater repair, gas link repairs, frozen pipes, broken pipes, leaky faucets, leak detection, clogged drains, video camera inspections, sewer inspections, gas repiping, drain line replacement, gas repairs, Correcting all plumbing violations. Whatever your plumbing problem or need, call us now - 972-283-6161.

Total Toilet Tune-Up

Are you one of those people who takes your toilet for granted ... until something really bad happens?

Think about it. There's a good chance that the toilet(s) in your home gets as much or more "sit" time as your car or riding lawn mower. Yet, when was the last time you pampered it with a total tune-up?

This is your chance to keep your toilet operating in tip-top condition so it will never leave you flushless, exhibit slow leak symptoms, or suffer from the dreaded Lazy Flush Syndrome. The Plumber Duncanville 29-Point Total Toilet Tune-Up includes everything from checking the flappers, washers, valves and seals to making sure the tank, bowl and seat are crack-free and properly aligned.

Make an appointment for your Total Toilet Tune-up now - 972-283-6161

The Price You'll Pay for Neglecting Your Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machine hoses -- those python-like "creatures" that attach your washer to your water source -- are one of the most neglected and potentially damaging maintenance monsters in your home.

Are your furnishings, floor coverings and heirloom keepsakes worth more than $50 to you?

Then invest $50 (or less) in new washing machine hoses, and you will have taken a huge step toward avoiding the costly damage, messy inconvenience, and loss of irreplaceable treasures due to your washer's hoses bursting or leaking.

You're probably wondering why appliance installers and other plumbers don't tell you about this potential problem. Frankly, we don't know since washing machine hoses are under constant pressure when being used ... and failures cause about $150 million in damage each year.

To reduce the chance that your hoses are going to fail, inspect them regularly.

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